Joseffa Naomi Trip


So, you want to know something about me? Hmm.. I'm never really good at these

things. I should write something informative, but also interesting..

and maybe a little funny.
Alright.. maybe we can start with favorite movie?

Ah, that's a tough one. There's too many.

Ok. How about favorite color?

I don't know that I have a favorite color, maybe whi-

Ok, fine. Favorite food?

Ah, ok. I love potatoes. Ya can do anything with potatoes. 

Boil emmash em, stick em in a stew! I probably love potatoes because I'm

from the Netherlands (Dutch food is just mainly potatoes).

After having lived in the same small town

in the Netherlands for 17 years,
I decided it was high time to pack my things and move.
To Dallas, Texas to be exact.

In Texas I studied Radio, Television, and Film and realized that

I loved filmmaking.

It was at that time that I also realized that I really wanted to follow 

my dreams of acting. So, I did. I first started acting in student

short films, and soon after that started to act in indie shorts,

commercials, and TV shows. I then moved to Toronto and worked there for a year.

Now I'm back in good oll' Merica, living in New Jersey with my hubby.

That was my story!